Volunteer with us.

As a team we strongly believe that for one to have an immense experience and touch of transformation being taken place by the foundation, he or she ought to take a step in coming physically with the life changing activities being carried out on ground by GHO. Volunteering is the baseline of what many of our visitors participate in, with activities ranging from outreaches, missions, extending care to the children at the orphanage center, educating and sensitization. All these are part of our volunteering schedules/activities.

An Open Invitation
Come alongside us on a mission trip to help support many of our various programs and activities. You could also offer to come as an individual to help train and provide care to our children; or as medical team to treat and provide health services to patients at the center; as a construction team to help build infrastructures ranging from schools, children homes, medical centers, water supply systems at the center; or even as a mission team to evangelize and educate our children and the community at large about God and many life values.We do emphasize missions and outreaches to communities of which could be a great and an important journey of a remarkable experience as an individual.


  • Art supplies for art school care programmes and holiday workshops
  • Carpets and other furniture for the community care centres
  • Fabric, needles, wool, cotton and thread, sewing machines for the Adolescent Girls Programmes and Gogo’s Groups
  • Heirloom or open pollinated seeds and seedlings
  • Fruit trees and other suitable wind breaks
  • Blankets and mattresses
  • Plates, bowls, cups and cutlery
  • Laptops/computers for training purposes
  • Clothing for women and children
  • Garden tools, hens and related materials, greenhouses to protect crops in inclement weather
  • Gutters, water tanks, wind pumps and boreholes
  • Stationery, learning materials and children’s books, particularly in Sotho ,English and Xhosa
  • A camera

Going to school and getting an education is every child’s right. In South Africa, children who cannot pay school fees are often excluded from school. School uniforms are compulsory, but many orphans and vulnerable children cannot afford them.
When their school fees, uniforms and other school necessities are provided, orphans and vulnerable children are able to go to school with dignity. Schools provide an important community haven for vulnerable children. Here, in the care of teachers, they can be monitored day by day, and brought help if they need it.
Schools participating in GHO’s School-to-school program raise funds that go directly towards uniforms and other essential resources for vulnerable children in GHO’s education programme in South Africa.